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21 Unique Kids Party Decoration Ideas – Balloon Fun!

21 Unique Kids Party Decoration Ideas - Balloon Fun!

Ideas for Decorating Children’s Parties with Balloons


Children’s parties are always a time for celebration and joy. One of the key elements in decorating a children’s party is balloons. Balloons bring color, fun, and excitement to any event, making it a memorable experience for the little ones. In this article, we will explore 21 creative ideas for decorating children’s parties using balloons.

1. Balloon Arch

A balloon arch is a classic decoration that instantly adds a festive atmosphere to any party. You can create an arch using balloons of different colors and sizes, arranging them in an arc shape. It can be placed at the entrance or as a backdrop for a photo booth.

2. Balloon Centerpieces

Decorate the tables with balloon centerpieces. You can use helium-filled balloons attached to a weight as a centerpiece or create balloon bouquets using a combination of colors to match the theme of the party.

3. Balloon Ceiling

Bring the party to new heights by covering the ceiling with balloons. Create a whimsical atmosphere by hanging different colored balloons at different heights. This will give the impression of floating balloons above the heads of the children.

4. Balloon Wall

Create a stunning backdrop for the party by covering a wall with balloons. Use balloons in various shades of a single color or create a vibrant pattern using multi-colored balloons. This will serve as an excellent photo backdrop for the little guests.

5. Balloon Characters

Bring children’s favorite characters to life by creating balloon versions of them. Whether it’s superheroes, princesses, or cartoon characters, balloons can be shaped and twisted to resemble them. These balloon characters will surely become the highlight of the party.

6. Balloon Photo Frame

Make the party even more memorable by creating a balloon photo frame. Use balloons to form a square or any desired shape, leaving a space in the center for the guests to pose for photos. This interactive decoration will provide endless entertainment for everyone.

7. Balloon Wreath

Add a touch of elegance to the party by hanging a balloon wreath on the front door. Use balloons in coordinating colors or opt for metallic balloons for a more sophisticated look. This decoration will set the tone for the celebration right from the beginning.

8. Balloon Garlands

Create beautiful garlands using balloons in various sizes and colors. Hang these garlands along the walls, across doors and windows, or drape them around the party area to add a festive touch. Balloon garlands are versatile decorations that can be customized to match any theme.

9. Balloon Chandelier

Elevate the party decor by creating a balloon chandelier. Hang balloons of different lengths from the ceiling using clear fishing wire. This unique decoration will give the impression of floating balloons above the dining or activity area.

10. Balloon Bouquet Entrance

Make a grand entrance by placing balloon bouquets on either side of the door. Use balloons in colors that complement the theme of the party and tie them to weighted objects such as small gift boxes or decorative pots.

11. Balloon Table Runner

Replace traditional table runners with a festive balloon table runner. Inflate small balloons and arrange them in a row along the center of the table. This simple yet eye-catching decoration will instantly brighten up the party tables.

12. Balloon Backdrop

Create a stunning backdrop for a dessert table or stage using balloons. Inflate balloons of different colors and sizes and attach them to a mesh or wire netting. This versatile decoration can be customized to suit any party theme.

13. Balloon Garland Archway

Frame doorways or walkways with a balloon garland archway. Use balloons in coordinating colors to create an arch shape. This decoration not only adds a touch of elegance but also guides the little guests towards the main party area.

14. Balloon Alphabet

Spruce up the party decor by spelling out the name of the birthday child or a special message using balloon letters. Use large foil balloons in vibrant colors to create an attention-grabbing display. This decoration serves as a personalized touch to the celebration.

15. Balloon Clouds

Create a dreamy atmosphere by hanging balloon clouds from the ceiling. Inflate balloons of various sizes and attach them to strings or fishing wire, allowing them to hang at different lengths. These floating balloon clouds will make the children feel like they are partying among the clouds.

16. Balloon Cake Topper

Add a whimsical touch to the birthday cake by using a balloon cluster as a cake topper. Inflate small balloons and attach them to sticks, arranging them in a cluster. This unique cake decoration will surely impress the little ones.

17. Balloon Party Hats

Make the party hats stand out by attaching balloons to them. Inflate small balloons and tie them to the top of the party hats, creating a fun and playful look. The children will love wearing these balloon party hats.

18. Balloon Banners

Create personalized banners using balloons. Inflate balloons in different colors and tie them together using a string or ribbon, forming the desired message or name. Hang these balloon banners across the party area for a festive and personalized touch.

19. Balloon Pinwheels

Create colorful pinwheels using balloons and wooden sticks. Inflate the balloons and attach them to the sticks, then place them in the ground or in flower pots. These balloon pinwheels will add a playful touch to the outdoor party area.

20. Balloon Tablecloth Weights

Add a decorative touch to the tablecloth by using balloons as weights. Attach helium-filled balloons to the corners of the tablecloth to prevent it from flying away in outdoor settings. This practical decoration doubles as a fun element for the children to play with.

21. Balloon Party Favors

Send the little guests home with a balloon party favor. Tie small balloons to each party favor or gift bag, allowing the children to take a piece of the celebration with them. This thoughtful gesture will leave a lasting impression on the guests.


Balloons are a versatile decoration that can transform any children’s party into a vibrant and memorable event. Whether it’s a balloon arch, balloon characters, or balloon centerpieces, these ideas will create an atmosphere filled with joy and excitement. Let your creativity soar as you incorporate these balloon decorations into your next children’s party.


1. Where can I buy balloons for my children’s party?

You can buy balloons for your children’s party at party supply stores, online retailers, or local supermarkets.

2. How long do helium balloons last?

The lifespan of helium balloons can vary depending on various factors such as room temperature and balloon quality. On average, helium balloons last for about 8 to 10 hours.

3. Can I reuse balloons from a previous party?

It is generally not recommended to reuse balloons from a previous party, as they may have lost their shape or become deflated. It is best to use new balloons for each party.

4. How do I deflate and dispose of balloons after the party?

To deflate balloons, gently press on them or puncture them with a pin. Once deflated, you can dispose of the balloons in regular trash bins.

5. Are there any safety precautions when using balloons at a children’s party?

Yes, when using balloons at a children’s party, it is important to keep them away from young children to prevent choking hazards. Always supervise children when playing with balloons and ensure proper disposal of deflated balloons.

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