We love dressing princesses!

About our online store

We are constantly committed to exceeding our customers' expectations, producing items using top-notch, hypoallergenic materials and adhering to strict hygiene standards.

In 2019, a promising partnership was born between Amélia Mendes, a specialist in Children's Fashion, and Ivam Silva, a professional in Photography and Digital Marketing. Since then, our atelier has experienced consistent growth. This advancement is a result of our determination and conviction. We value, admire, and respect every customer, always committed to offering clothing of excellent quality at fair prices.

Our relationship with the community is one of deep respect, and we take pleasure in contributing to the socioeconomic and cultural growth of the cities in which we operate. Located in Brazil, our office is in one of the fashion epicenters of Latin America.

Our mission? To offer comfortable, unique pieces with a quality that stands out in the market.

Anniversary Dress @2019.