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Creative Neon Doodle Tween Birthday Party Ideas: Party City Inspiration

Creative Neon Doodle Tween Birthday Party Ideas: Party City Inspiration


Planning a vibrant and funky birthday party for your tween can be a breeze with Party City’s Neon Doodle theme. This colorful party theme is perfect for kids who love funky colors and patterns. From invitations to decorations and fun activities, Party City has everything you need to create a memorable event.


Setting the mood for the party starts with eye-catching invitations. Party City’s Neon Doodle invitations feature funky guitars and cool zebra stripes, which are sure to excite your child and her guests. You can even involve your child in adding some fun to the envelopes.

Room Decorations

Transforming your party venue into a Neon Doodle paradise is easy with Party City’s decorations. The banner, streamers, and balloons are simple to put up and instantly fill up the room with vibrant colors. Neon-colored plates, napkins, and cups add splashes of color to the buffet table, while the Neon Doodle centerpiece adds a funky touch. To keep the Neon theme going, you can use Party City’s color-coordinated bowls and platters as stylish snack holders.

Creative Neon Doodle Tween Birthday Party Ideas: Party City Inspiration
Creative Neon Doodle Tween Birthday Party Ideas: Party City Inspiration

Costumes and Dress Up

Get the party started as soon as your guests arrive by providing them with neon striped hair bands and peace necklaces. These accessories will not only make them look cute but also set the mood for the fun-filled evening ahead.


Create a visually stunning party atmosphere with Party City’s Neon Doodle balloon bouquet. With funky butterflies and pink hearts, the bouquet is sure to impress your guests. You can easily prepare the balloons yourself using the helium kit available at Party City.

Party Activities

Take the party to a whole new level with a Glow In the Dark Makeover, a brilliant idea from Julie. The girls can glam out using light-up rings, glow stick jewelry, glow in the dark hair spray, and glitter gel. To enhance the glow, surprise them by switching off the lights, revealing a mesmerizing scene. You can also provide them with white T-shirts and use a black light to create a stunning neon effect.


Add an exciting grand finale to the party with a trendy shoe-shaped pinata in neon colors. The girls will have a blast whacking it under the black light and the showers of candy and glow in the dark goodies will make it a memorable moment.

Party Favors

Send your guests home with favor pails filled with fun Neon Doodle party favors. From pencils, erasers, and memo pads to Neon Doodle barrettes and gummi bracelets, there’s something for everyone. The stickers are sure to be a hit, and they might even end up in unexpected places!


With Party City’s Neon Doodle theme, you can create an unforgettable birthday party for your tween. From funky invitations and vibrant decorations to fun activities and party favors, Party City has everything you need to bring a splash of color to your celebration. Make your child’s day extra special and create memories that will last a lifetime.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find Party City’s Neon Doodle party supplies?

You can find Party City’s Neon Doodle party supplies online at or at your nearest Party City store.

2. Can I customize the Neon Doodle invitations?

Unfortunately, Party City offers pre-designed Neon Doodle invitations and customization options may be limited.

3. How long do the glow sticks and light-up rings last?

The duration of glow sticks and light-up rings may vary, but they typically last for several hours.

4. Can I purchase the Neon Doodle decorations separately?

Yes, Party City offers individual Neon Doodle decorations, allowing you to mix and match according to your preferences.

5. Are the party favors suitable for both boys and girls?

Yes, the Neon Doodle party favors can be enjoyed by boys and girls alike, with a variety of items to suit different preferences.

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