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Dive into the Best Finding Dory Party Ideas!

Finding Dory Party Ideas!

Finding Dory Party Ideas: An Unforgettable Underwater Adventure

Ever since watching Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory, Paige has been captivated by the lovable blue tang fish. With her 7th birthday just around the corner, I wanted to throw her a party that she would never forget. Inspired by Dory’s adventurous spirit, I decided to take the party underwater and join Dory, Nemo, and Hank on their exciting journey. With a little planning and some Finding Dory decorations, we were ready for a fun-filled day!

Sending Out Invitations

The first thing on my to-do list was to send out invitations. I opted to create custom invitations with Paige’s name using Party City’s easy-to-use invitation maker. Once they arrived, we added a pinch of confetti and Finding Dory tattoos for the little swimmers to wear to the party.

Decorating for an Ocean Adventure

Turning our home into an underwater wonderland was a breeze with all the amazing Finding Dory decorations and color choices available at Party City. I placed a custom banner with Paige’s picture and her favorite character, Dory, right in the entryway. Bubble balloons and swirl decorations featuring images of Dory, Nemo, and Hank created the illusion that our fishy friends were swimming above us.

Creating a Memorable Look

To make Paige feel extra special on her big day, I picked up a birthday outfit that perfectly matched the party theme. She looked absolutely adorable when she ran out in her Dory costume to get the party started. As soon as the guests arrived, we handed out super cute Finding Dory hats, which were a huge hit. Everyone was dressed up and ready for some picture-perfect moments!

Capturing Memories with a Fun Photo Backdrop

Using a scene setter and balloon bouquets, I created a fun photo backdrop where all the kids could strike a pose with Nemo and Dory. The giant gliding balloon added an extra element of excitement, and it was a fantastic opportunity to capture some amazing pictures. I can’t wait to include them in our thank you notes and share the unforgettable memories with the parents.

Games and Sweet Surprises

No party is complete without games and treats! We started with a pinata game, where all of Paige’s friends took turns being blindfolded and trying to pin on Nemo. The closest friend to Nemo won a Finding Dory award ribbon. After the game, it was time for the highly anticipated pinata reveal. The kids were thrilled as they raced to fill up their favor buckets with goodies.

Cupcakes Galore

While I was busy preparing the cupcakes, the kids played with blast and favors on the table. The official Finding Dory tableware and decorations added an extra touch of magic to the celebration. The ocean explorers looked absolutely adorable sitting in their decorated chairs adorned with kelp streamers and cutouts of Dory, Nemo, and Hank. Finally, it was time for cupcakes! Each cupcake was topped with icing decorations and Finding Dory picks, just like the matching Finding Dory cupcakes. To make Paige’s birthday even more special, I created a jumbo cupcake with Finding Dory candles, a perfect way to end the day!

Ending with Gratitude

As our underwater adventure came to an end, Paige thanked everyone by handing out the personalized favor cups she had helped put together. This was a birthday party that Paige will always remember, filled with amazing party ideas and fantastic decorations from Party City.


A Finding Dory-themed party is a surefire way to make any child’s birthday unforgettable. By incorporating decor, costumes, games, and treats inspired by the beloved characters, you can create a magical underwater adventure that will have all the little swimmers in awe. With Party City’s wide selection of Finding Dory party supplies, planning and executing a memorable celebration has never been easier. Dive into the deep blue sea and let your creativity flow with a Finding Dory party!


Q: Where can I find Finding Dory party supplies?

A: Party City offers a variety of Finding Dory-themed party supplies, including decorations, tableware, invitations, favors, and more. You can find everything you need to create an unforgettable Finding Dory party in-store or online.

Q: Are there any specific games that would be perfect for a Finding Dory party?

A: Yes! You can play “Pin the Fin on Nemo,” “Underwater Treasure Hunt,” or even create an obstacle course inspired by the movie. Don’t forget to include some fishy prizes for the winners!

Q: Can I personalize the decorations and invitations?

A: Absolutely! Party City offers customizable options for invitations, banners, and more, allowing you to add your child’s name and even their picture to make the celebration truly special.

Q: How can I create a fun photo backdrop for the party?

A: Consider using a scene setter or fabric with an underwater or beach theme as a backdrop. Add some balloons, cutouts of Dory and her friends, and unique props to make it a memorable spot for capturing amazing party moments.

Q: What are some party favors that would fit the Finding Dory theme?

A: Some fun party favors could include mini toy fish, bubbles, Finding Dory tattoos, mini plush characters, or even personalized favor buckets filled with underwater-themed goodies. Get creative and align the favors with the oceanic adventure!

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