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Enchanting Little Mermaid Party Ideas: Dive into Magical Celebrations!

Little Mermaid Party Ideas!

Little Mermaid Party Ideas!

I, Willie, has always been a fan of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. I am a big dreamer who loves to explore, just like Ariel. I was turning six and wanted to have a magical under-the-sea party with all my besties. So we made my dream come true by planning a mermaid-filled day with a little help from Party City.


The first thing we had to do was invite my friends to my party to make me feel extra special. I ordered custom invitations with my name on them at It was super easy! Right before we sent them out, I added a pinch of confetti and Ariel tattoos for a splash of fun.


To get ready for the party, we used a Little Mermaid party pack from Party City and stuffed the favor cups with accessories. I even added a few extra goodies inside. Then, we had to turn our home into a castle fit for a mermaid. Party City had a ton of decorations to choose from like balloons and wall decorations with colorful pictures of Ariel. Lily was ecstatic when she saw the custom Little Mermaid banner with her name and picture on it. I hung it right in the entryway.

Dress-up Time

Lily has always wanted to be Ariel, so I wanted her to dress up just like her on the big day. She was so excited when she saw the Ariel costume she got to wear. To make all her friends feel special too, we picked up some cute Little Mermaid tiaras. When the guests arrived, we handed them out. Now, they were ready to party!

Photo Op

I wanted to create the perfect ocean setting to capture the fun moments of the big day. had a great party idea for a photo op. All I had to do was hang a Little Mermaid scene center on the wall and add balloon bouquets on each side. A giant Ariel balloon and bubbly clear balloons really added a magical touch. Once the kids saw the backdrop, they were ready to pose for the camera in their dresses and accessories. Those photos were perfect to include in thank-you cards after the party.

Games and Activities

The little mermaids were ready for some action-packed fun. We started with a Pinata game where the kids had to bring Ariel’s besties together. All of Lily’s friends took turns being blindfolded and pinning Sebastian next to Flounder on the wall poster. Katie was the closest, and everyone cheered her on when she won a Little Mermaid award ribbon. After the pinata game, we went over to the Ariel pinata that was packed with goodies. Everyone took turns pulling a string, and once the right one was pulled, it was a race to collect as much treasure in their bucket as they could.

Food and Cake

Even mermaids get hungry after so much fun, so it was time to eat. I covered the table with official Little Mermaid tableware and fun extras like Ariel blowouts to help add to the watery wonderland. I even decorated the chair. I used bright swirl decorations and clear mini balloons to look like bubbles. I’m not sure what they liked better, the goodies on the table or feeling like they were under the sea. What I do know is that they loved The Little Mermaid cupcakes. Lily felt like a princess when she got her own special jumbo cupcake with Little Mermaid candles.

Party Favors

When it was time for Lily’s besties to swim home, she handed out Little Mermaid favor cups full of goodies galore. Everyone felt special to be part of the big day. Thanks, Party City! With so many decorations, favors, and party ideas, my little one was able to have a magical undersea party that truly made a splash.


Planning a Little Mermaid-themed party was a dream come true for Lily. With the help of Party City, we were able to create a magical under-the-sea atmosphere and provide memorable experiences for Lily and her friends. From the custom invitations to the decorations, dress-up, games, food, and party favors, every detail was carefully planned to ensure a fun and unforgettable celebration.


Q: Where can I find Little Mermaid party decorations?

A: Party City has a wide selection of Little Mermaid party decorations, including balloons, wall decorations, banners, and tableware.

Q: Where can I order custom invitations?

A: offers custom invitations where you can add your child’s name and personalize them for your Little Mermaid party.

Q: What games can I play at a Little Mermaid party?

A: Some fun games for a Little Mermaid party include a Pinata game with Ariel’s besties, a treasure hunt, and a seaweed limbo.

Q: What are some good party favor ideas for a Little Mermaid party?

A: Some good party favor ideas for a Little Mermaid party include mermaid-themed keychains, stickers, mini seashell-shaped soaps, and mermaid tail hair clips.

Q: Can I find costumes for a Little Mermaid party?

A: Yes, Party City offers Little Mermaid costumes for kids, including Ariel dresses, tiaras, and accessories.

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