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Fun and Trendy Kids Party Decoration Ideas with Emojis

Fun and Trendy Kids Party Decoration Ideas with Emojis

Emojis – Decoration Ideas for Kids’ Party [Music]

Emojis – Decoration Ideas for Kids’ Party [Music]

Planning a fun and vibrant kids’ party can be exciting. One theme that has gained tremendous popularity among children is emojis. Emojis are widely recognized and loved by kids of all ages, making them a fantastic choice for a party theme. In this article, we will explore various decoration ideas for a successful emoji-themed party filled with music and joy.

Emoji Balloons

Balloons are an essential element for any birthday celebration. For an emoji-themed party, decorate the venue with emoji balloons. You can find pre-printed emoji balloons or easily create your own by drawing expressive emojis on yellow balloons using permanent markers. Hang them from the ceiling or attach them to the walls to create a visually appealing ambiance.

Emoji Backdrop

A backdrop is an excellent opportunity to bring the essence of emojis to the party. Create a backdrop with colorful emoji cutouts or purchase one from your local party supply store. Hang the backdrop behind the main party area or the dessert table. It will instantly transform the space and serve as a perfect spot for capturing memorable photos.

Emoji Tableware

Complete the theme by using emoji tableware. Choose plates, cups, and napkins with various emoji designs to add flair to your party table. You can also get creative by making DIY emoji placemats with construction paper or using emoji stickers to decorate plain plates and cups. It will surely leave a lasting impression on your little guests.

Emoji Centerpieces

Add a touch of creativity to your party tables with emoji centerpieces. Use small potted plants and attach emoji faces on sticks to create adorable emoji character centerpieces. You can also place small emoji plush toys or emoji-themed party hats as centerpieces. These colorful decorations will make the tables more lively and engaging.

Emoji Garland

Decorate the party area with a festive emoji garland. You can easily make one by cutting out emoji faces from colored paper or cardstock. String them together with a twine or ribbon, and hang the garland around the room or above the party table. The vibrant garland will add a cheerful touch to the overall decorations.

Emoji Photo Booth

A photo booth is always a hit at any party, and an emoji-themed photo booth will take the fun to another level. Set up a designated area with emoji props and a backdrop, where kids can pose and capture memorable moments. Provide printed copies of the photos as party favors or share them digitally with parents afterwards.

Emoji Cupcakes

Add a sweet touch to your party with emoji cupcakes. Decorate freshly baked cupcakes with yellow icing, and use edible markers or candies to draw different emoji faces on each cupcake. Kids will love these delicious treats that are not only visually appealing but also match the party theme perfectly.

Emoji Games and Activities

To keep the party atmosphere lively, incorporate emoji-themed games and activities. You can play “Pin the Emoji” where kids take turns pinning an emoji on a poster blindfolded, or organize an emoji trivia game to test their knowledge about their favorite emojis. These interactive activities will keep the children entertained throughout the party.

Emoji Goodie Bags

Say goodbye to your little guests by handing out emoji-themed goodie bags filled with treats and small gifts. Use yellow paper bags and draw or stick emoji faces on them. Fill the bags with emoji stickers, temporary tattoos, mini emoji plush toys, and any other small toys that match the theme. This gesture will leave a lasting impression on the kids and serve as a lovely way to conclude the party.


Organizing an emoji-themed party with a musical twist can be a fun and memorable experience for your child and their friends. By incorporating these decoration ideas, you can create a vibrant and joyful atmosphere that perfectly captures the essence of emojis. From emoji balloons to emoji-themed games, each element contributes to a celebration filled with laughter, music, and unforgettable moments.


Q: Where can I find emoji-themed party supplies?

A: You can find emoji-themed party supplies at local party supply stores or online party stores.

Q: How can I make DIY emoji balloons?

A: To make DIY emoji balloons, simply use yellow balloons and permanent markers to draw expressive emojis on them.

Q: What type of music can I include in an emoji-themed party?

A: You can include upbeat and popular songs that kids enjoy dancing and singing along to. Some suggestions include catchy pop songs or tracks from animated movies.

Q: How can I create an emoji-themed cake?

A: To create an emoji-themed cake, decorate a plain or fondant-covered cake with various edible emoji faces using icing or fondant cutouts in different colors.

Q: Can I incorporate other party themes with an emoji theme?

A: Yes, you can combine the emoji theme with other themes like a disco party or a movie night theme to create a unique and exciting experience.

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