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Hippie Chic Birthday Bash: Fun Ideas from Neon Party City

Hippie Chic Birthday Bash: Fun Ideas from Neon Party City

Groove into the vibrant era of the 60s with a Hippie Chick Dance Party for your tween’s birthday. The hippie look has made a significant comeback and is a hit among young girls. Party City offers a wide range of supplies to help you host a memorable bash with this theme. Let’s journey through some creative ideas to make this party a total blast!


Kick off your party preparations with captivating invitations. Party City boasts an array of hippie chick-themed invitations. Opt for designs showcasing bold colors and iconic symbols like the peace sign. A catchy invite might read, “Join my dance extravaganza for some funky tunes and groovy fun!”

Guest of Honor Wearables

Let your birthday girl shine in some stylish hippie gear. Party City has a plethora of options, from hats and purses to jewelry. Imagine your daughter donning a peace symbol necklace, earrings, and vibrant hippie buttons – she’ll truly embody the hippie chick spirit!

Party Decorations

Give your venue a 60s makeover. Dangle vibrant, swirly decorations like peace signs and owls to set the right ambiance. These lively additions will transport your guests back to the groovy era!

Hippie Chic Birthday Bash: Fun Ideas from Neon Party City
Hippie Chic Birthday Bash: Fun Ideas from Neon Party City

Party Activities

Get those creative juices flowing with some DIY activities. Set up crafting stations where attendees can fashion flower child accessories, like crystal headbands or friendship bracelets. Once decked out in their hippie best, let them dance away to iconic 60s beats from the Groovy Party Music CD. With a spinning rainbow party light in the mix, the dance floor will be the place to be!

Table Decorations

Dress your tables in true hippie fashion. Party City offers themed plates, cups, and napkins adorned with cute owls and butterflies. An owl piƱata can serve as a centerpiece and later as a fun activity brimming with treats!

Hippie Chic Birthday Bash: Fun Ideas from Neon Party City
Hippie Chic Birthday Bash: Fun Ideas from Neon Party City

Birthday Cake

Bring out a delightful daisy-shaped cake, easy to make using a daisy mold from Party City. The cherry on top? Adorable Hippie Chick candles that will make everyone go “aww.”

Party Favors

As the evening winds down, gift your guests some memorable tokens. Favor bags filled with hippie-themed pens, buttons, stickers, and erasers from Party City will serve as lovely mementos.


A Hippie Chick Dance Party is a splendid way to celebrate your tween’s special day. With Party City’s vast array of supplies, you’re all set for a fabulous time. So, let the good vibes roll, play those classic jams, and dance like there’s no tomorrow!


How many guests should I invite?

Aim for a number that your venue can comfortably accommodate, ensuring ample space for activities and dancing.

Can boys attend the party?

Of course! While the theme leans towards the hippie chick vibe, boys can definitely join in and groove to the beats.

How to enhance the authenticity of party decorations?

Incorporate vintage items like retro posters or record players. Introduce tie-dye patterns and light some incense to reminisce the 60s.

Any food suggestions for the theme?

Offer finger foods such as fruit kabobs, veggie wraps, and mini sliders. Ensure a colorful spread in line with the vibrant theme.

Any additional activity ideas?

Consider a tie-dye station, hula hoop contest, or a temporary tattoo booth with hippie designs. Let your imagination run wild!

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