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Modern Princess Birthday Party Ideas: Creating an Enchanting Celebration

Modern Princess Birthday Party Ideas: Creating an Enchanting Celebration

Modern Princess Birthday Party Ideas

My daughter Kristen has always loved princesses, but recently she and her friends have been even more into modern-day princesses. So, I had a great idea for Kristen’s sixth birthday – throw her and her fabulous friends a gala fit for today’s princess: glitz, glamour, and dress-up. Party City had everything I needed.

An Exclusive Party Invitation

I wanted the girls to feel like they were being invited to the most exclusive party in town. So, I had Kristen hand-deliver the invitations complete with a jeweled ring to start things off.

Decorating the Dining Room

What kind of party would a modern-day Princess and her friends have? An over-the-top party! And that’s exactly how I decorated the dining room. I used cute plates and cups with hearts on them. To jazz up the private party for her Highness, I used purple and pink streamers as a velvet rope.

The room really came alive with the awesome princess balloon bouquet. It was so easy to blow up with Party City’s helium tank. A few more balloons and streamers, and voila! The Royal table was set. Kristin looked amazing. She’d only ever seen a boa on TV before, and now she refuses to take this one off. The tiaras seemed to just naturally fit my little princess.

Welcome to Kristin’s Castle

As the girls arrived, I welcomed everyone to Kristin’s castle and gave them each a special ring in honor of the occasion.

The Royal Beauty Parlor

Then, I asked if everyone was ready to go to the Royal beauty parlor where the princess awaited. Party City and I did this room up right. I hung a shiny mirror ball under a light. The reflection lit up the room so glamorously. The glitzy hanging stars added to the magical atmosphere, as if we were staring out of a castle’s window to a magical sky.

I told the girls it was time to make themselves glamorous for the party. They started by putting on sparkling nail jewels, helping each other out. Then, they picked out jeweled rings and beaded necklaces. To complete their look, they added sparkling butterfly crystals on their cheeks. It was a truly spectacular sight.

A Grand Finale – Pinata Fun

After having consummated their royal treats, I requested they join me for the grand finale – a pinata fit for a princess. Kristen and the girls each took turns pulling on the string until it opened up.

And then, my princesses looked a lot like little girls again. I’ve never seen them so happy. What a success! I received so many phone calls from the girls’ moms asking how I managed such an incredible party. Party City, I told them, it was that easy.


Kristen said the cutest thing: “Mom, can I be a princess every day?” And you know what, to me, she always will be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find similar decorations for a princess-themed party?

A: Party City offers a wide range of princess party decorations, including themed plates, cups, balloons, and more.

Q: How can I make the party more interactive for the children?

A: You can organize princess-themed games, such as a treasure hunt or a dress-up relay race, to keep the children engaged and entertained throughout the party.

Q: Where can I find princess costumes for the girls?

A: Party City also offers a variety of princess costumes for children. You can check their website or visit their store to explore the options.

Q: Are there any special treats that can complement a princess-themed party?

A: You can consider serving princess-themed cupcakes, cookies, or a sparkling punch to enhance the royal atmosphere of the party.

Q: How can I create a memorable ending to the party?

A: A pinata filled with princess-themed goodies, such as small tiaras, rings, and candies, can serve as a fun and exciting way to conclude the party and leave the guests with lasting memories.

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