Tips for a children’s party with an Aladdin and Jasmine theme

Tips for a children's party with an Aladdin and Jasmine theme

Planning a children’s party can be both thrilling and daunting at once. If you’re on the hunt for a magical and enchanting theme, how about an Aladdin and Jasmine-themed kiddies’ party? This article will dish out handy tips to make this dream come true.

Decoration Selection

One of the first things to ponder when organising a children’s do themed around Aladdin and Jasmine is the decoration. The setting should capture the magical and exotic backdrop of the film, boasting vibrant hues like gold, purple, and blue. Think about employing shimmering fabrics, colourful cushions, Moroccan lanterns, and rugs to craft an atmosphere fit for Agrabah.

Table Centrepieces

Your centrepieces can incorporate items such as golden magic lamps, exotic flowers, and character figurines. A nifty idea is to use Aladdin’s lamps as containers for sweets or popcorn.

Aladdin and Jasmine Balloons

Balloons are a must-have at any kiddies’ party. For an Aladdin and Jasmine theme, go for balloons that match the colour scheme or perhaps balloons shaped like the magic lamp or the characters themselves.

Menu Choice

Your menu should reflect the party’s theme. Consider serving vibrant and exotic dishes reminiscent of Middle Eastern cuisine, like sfihas, kibbeh, and falafel. For the desserts, Middle Eastern sweets such as baklava and halwa are top-notch choices.

Themed Cake

The cake stands out as one of the main attractions at any children’s party. For an Aladdin and Jasmine bash, the cake could be adorned with the characters, the magic lamp, or even the sultan’s palace.

Activities and Games

To keep the little ones entertained during the party, plan theme-related activities and games. An idea might be to arrange a “treasure hunt” where the kids must locate the magic lamp. Another option is hiring a magician for a magic show.

Craft Workshop

A craft workshop where children can fashion their own magic lamps or paper flying carpets is a splendid way to immerse them in the party’s theme.


With a sprinkle of creativity and planning, an Aladdin and Jasmine-themed children’s party can be an event to remember. Always bear in mind that the key is ensuring the youngsters have a ball and experience a magical day.

FAQ – Aladdin and Jasmine Theme

  • What kind of invitation can I use for an Aladdin and Jasmine-themed party?
    You could design invitations shaped like a magic lamp or a flying carpet, for instance.
  • What sort of party favours can I offer the guests?
    Party favours like mini magic lamps, character keyrings, or Middle Eastern sweets are brilliant choices.
  • What sort of music should I play at the party?
    The Aladdin film soundtrack is spot on for setting the right mood.
  • What should the children wear?
    The kids can dress up as their favourite characters from the film, such as Aladdin, Jasmine, the Genie, or even the baddie, Jafar.
  • Do I need to hire a pro to decorate the party?
    Though a professional might help in crafting a more intricate décor, with a bit of creativity and planning, you can whip up a lovely setting on your own.
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