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Top 16 LOL Surprise Party Decoration Ideas – Part 1

Top 16 LOL Surprise Party Decoration Ideas - Part 1


Planning a memorable and enchanting birthday party for your little one? Look no further! In this article, we present 16 fabulous decoration ideas for an unforgettable LOL Surprise themed party. From eye-catching table settings to stunning backdrops, we have you covered with everything you need to create a party that will leave your child and guests in awe.

1. Colorful Balloon Arch

A balloon arch is a perfect way to welcome guests to the party. Create a colorful balloon arch at the entrance using a variety of balloons in different shades and sizes. Incorporate the vibrant colors of LOL Surprise dolls with pink, purple, and blue balloons. It will set the tone for the exciting celebration ahead.

2. LOL Surprise Centerpiece

Add a touch of glamour to the party tables with adorable LOL Surprise centerpieces. Use small dolls or cardboard cutouts of your child’s favorite characters as the focal point. Surround them with helium-filled balloons in matching colors for an extra pop of fun.

3. Personalized LOL Surprise Banners

Make the birthday girl feel extra special with personalized LOL Surprise banners. Hang them on the walls or above the dessert table to add a personalized touch to the party decor. Include the birthday girl’s name and her favorite LOL Surprise characters to make it truly unique.

4. Whimsical Backdrops

Create a whimsical and photo-worthy backdrop for the party. Use colorful streamers, tulle, and ribbons to create layers of texture. Add large cutouts of LOL Surprise dolls and their accessories to complete the theme. This will provide a perfect spot for memorable pictures with friends and family.

5. LOL Surprise Tablecloth

Transform your party table with a delightful LOL Surprise-themed tablecloth. Choose a vibrant pattern featuring the iconic dolls to instantly elevate the atmosphere. Pair it with matching tableware, such as plates, cups, and napkins, to create a cohesive look.

6. Sparkling Table Settings

Add a touch of sparkle to the party table with glittery table settings. Use sequin table runners or placemats in colors that complement the LOL Surprise theme. Place themed party favors with each setting to double as both decorations and take-home gifts.

7. LOL Surprise Cake

A show-stopping LOL Surprise cake is a must-have for the party. Opt for a multi-tiered cake featuring edible images of popular LOL Surprise dolls. You can also add colorful fondant decorations and edible glitter for an extra wow factor. Remember to coordinate the cake design with the overall theme of the party.

8. Fun Photo Booth

Set up a fun-filled photo booth area where guests can capture memories throughout the party. Decorate the backdrop with streamers, balloons, and a banner that says “Strike a Pose.” Provide dress-up props like sunglasses, wigs, and feather boas to enhance the playful atmosphere.

9. LOL Surprise Party Games

Engage the little guests with exciting LOL Surprise-themed party games. Plan activities such as “Pin the Bow on the LOL Surprise Doll” or “Pass the LOL Surprise Ball.” You can also organize a treasure hunt, hiding small LOL Surprise dolls around the venue for the children to find.

10. Creative Dessert Buffet

Design a creative dessert buffet that showcases LOL Surprise-inspired treats. Serve cupcakes with edible toppers featuring the dolls’ faces, colorful macarons, and cookies in whimsical shapes. Don’t forget to label each dessert with fun and pun-filled names to add an extra element of surprise.


By incorporating these 16 decoration ideas for a LOL Surprise themed party, you can create an enchanting and unforgettable celebration that will leave your child and guests amazed. From colorful balloon arches to personalized banners and whimsical backdrops, every aspect of your party will reflect the vibrant world of LOL Surprise dolls. So, get ready to celebrate in style and make memories that will last a lifetime!


1. How can I make a DIY LOL Surprise centerpiece?

To make a DIY LOL Surprise centerpiece, you can use small dolls or cardboard cutouts of the characters as the focal point. Attach them to a sturdy base, such as a decorated Mason jar or a small gift box filled with tissue paper. Add balloons or ribbons for an extra festive touch.

2. Where can I find LOL Surprise themed party favors?

You can find LOL Surprise themed party favors at party supply stores or online retailers. Look for items like mini dolls, stickers, keychains, or bracelets that feature the popular dolls. DIY options include creating personalized mini goodie bags with LOL Surprise-themed stickers or temporary tattoos.

3. What other LOL Surprise themed games can I include?

In addition to “Pin the Bow on the LOL Surprise Doll” and “Pass the LOL Surprise Ball,” you can include other games such as “Musical Chairs” with LOL Surprise-themed music or a fashion show where the children can dress up in LOL Surprise-inspired outfits and walk the runway.

4. Can I order a custom-made LOL Surprise cake?

Yes, many bakeries offer custom-made cakes and can create a unique LOL Surprise cake based on your preferences. Make sure to provide them with reference images and discuss the design, flavors, and any dietary restrictions beforehand.

5. What are some additional decoration ideas for a LOL Surprise party?

Some additional decoration ideas for a LOL Surprise party include hanging colorful paper lanterns or pom-poms from the ceiling, creating a DIY LOL Surprise photo frame using cardboard and craft materials, and setting up a DIY nail station where children can decorate their nails with LOL Surprise-themed nail wraps or stickers.

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