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Ultimate Rainbow Hello Kitty Birthday Party Guide

Rainbow Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas

Rainbow Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas

My daughter Ella absolutely loves Hello Kitty, so when it came time to throw her a birthday party, I knew it was going to be a cute and colorful event. Turning our home into a Hello Kitty Wonderland was easy with official Hello Kitty party items and some super cute DIY ideas.

Put together with supplies from Party City, first we had to let everyone know about the Hello Kitty birthday celebration with these custom Hello Kitty invitations, which we sent out to all of Ella’s friends as a little surprise. In the envelopes, I included official Hello Kitty rainbow glitter hair clips.

I also added Hello Kitty confetti for an extra bit of fun. Ella looked so sweet in her special birthday outfit – she picked it out herself. She loves these Hello Kitty mix-and-match wearables I got at Party City. Ella’s friends loved the rainbow-themed party room we created with all the cute Hello Kitty decorations, and they got even more excited when we handed out Hello Kitty party hats, bracelets, and hair clips to get everyone dressed up for an amazing party. Ella and her friends looked so cute in their special Hello Kitty accessories. Of course, I had to snap some photos of this adorable Hello Kitty scene – it made the perfect party backdrop.

Then it was game time! The girls all took turns putting on the Hello Kitty blindfold and trying to pin the bow on Hello Kitty. Later, it was on to the Hello Kitty pinata. Ella and her friends each had a chance to pull one of the Hello Kitty’s ribbons until they found the one that released all the goodies. Everyone rushed in with their favorite buckets to collect the treats.

Afterwards, the party headed outdoors to continue the fun. The girls all lined up to play the Hello Kitty egg relay game. They raced across the lawn, trying not to drop their colorful eggs. Up next, we had the Hello Kitty potato sack race. The girls looked so adorable as they hopped along in their Hello Kitty potato sacks. We also had a Hello Kitty bean bag toss and ring toss set up for everyone to play. At the end of the games, each girl received a Hello Kitty award medal and trophy. Everyone was a winner!

After all the fun and games, the girls were ready for cake. The Hello Kitty tableware centerpieces and decorations made it easy to turn the dining area into an adorable Hello Kitty party room, and the girls all loved the DIY Hello Kitty bow chair decorations I made. On the back of each chair, I added bows from bright pink table covers and Hello Kitty swirl decorations. It was so easy!

My next surprise was the adorable Hello Kitty rainbow cake. Each slice featured colors of the rainbow, and the gumballs around the bottom added just the right touch. Ella loved blowing out the official Hello Kitty candle that we had. The girls all had an amazing time.

When it was time to go home, we made sure the girls didn’t leave empty-handed. We gave each of them a reusable Hello Kitty favor cup filled with official Hello Kitty goodies for more fun at home.

Ella and her friends had such a fantastic time at her Hello Kitty party. It was a great day of friendship, games, and goodies. Thanks to Party City, we were able to make this Hello Kitty party a birthday Ella will never forget.

FAQ Section:

1. Where can I find official Hello Kitty party items?
You can find official Hello Kitty party items at Party City.

2. How can I make Hello Kitty invitations?
You can make custom Hello Kitty invitations using printable templates or by handcrafting them with Hello Kitty stickers and decorations.

3. What are some DIY Hello Kitty party decoration ideas?
Some DIY Hello Kitty party decoration ideas include making bow chair decorations, creating a Hello Kitty party backdrop using balloons or cardboard cutouts, and using Hello Kitty-themed tableware centerpieces.

4. What games can be played at a Hello Kitty party?
Some games that can be played at a Hello Kitty party include pin the bow on Hello Kitty, a Hello Kitty pinata, an egg relay game, a potato sack race, and a bean bag toss or ring toss.

5. Where can I find Hello Kitty party favors?
You can find Hello Kitty party favors at Party City or online retailers that specialize in Hello Kitty merchandise.


Throwing a rainbow-themed Hello Kitty birthday party is a fun and adorable way to celebrate your child’s special day. By incorporating official Hello Kitty party items and adding some creative DIY touches, you can transform your home into a Hello Kitty Wonderland. From the custom invitations to the party decorations, games, and treats, Party City offers a wide selection of supplies to make your Hello Kitty party unforgettable. So gather your little one’s friends, dress them up in cute Hello Kitty accessories, and let the fun begin!

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